My picture has been taken from me

Curiously…at about 4.15 this afternoon, my picture mysteriously disappeared from the sidebar. I am not alone. Other WordPress users have experienced the same phenomenon. It may be the heatwave or global warming.

I am going to mention linkiewinkie again just to see what happens. This time, without a link (Infra)

2 thoughts on “My picture has been taken from me

  1. Thank you Ruthie for your erudition and wisdom. The picture was taken from me by WordPress, not as an act to save my viewers from being exposed to the dignity of my image, but for technical reasons which only IT boffins understand. It has, as you can see, been returned.

    It is, I grant you, not a true likeness – the reading glasses are, however, accurate. I make a point of never commenting on my looks. I am not a male model and see no need to trouble myself about my looks. I know this, however, that there are some mornings, after a night on the Rioja, when I wonder if I have been transformed into the “wrath of god”. I do, however, manage to get by and children do not appear to run away. You should see my older brother… Professor R D Charon – who will be appearing here soon.

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