Justice moves at high speed

Criminals to be whisked before the court within 24 hours…

The Independent reports on Lord Falconer’s latest plans (Infra) to bring petty criminals who are choking the criminal justice system before the courts within 24 hours. Falconer is also going to let teenagers who commit crimes for the first time to apologise directly to their victims instead of facing the the courts.

Falconer also wants to set up mobile courts.

Lord Falconer said (The Independent) : “Too many cases take too long to come to court.

“Processes both in court and beforehand are often lengthy and arcane and take little account of the needs of victims and witnesses.

“The new measures mean that the criminal justice system, and in particular the courts, will be more responsive to concerns raised by local communities, reconnecting the criminal justice system with the public it serves.”

I have adverted to this below. Not being a criminal lawyer, I have absolutely no idea how this will work in practice – but it could either be good news or bad news for criminal lawyers (or is representation assumed not to be needed or desired?) and who is going to escort the virgin teen criminal to the victim to apologise (Para 7.19 Report – available dca website 21 July in pdf format under heading criminal justice review system published) . Presumably this will cost a fair bit of money to organise?

Is this another report destined to be brought into law so rapidly it is riddled with anomalies or are parts of it going to pass into history and be forgotten?

2 thoughts on “Justice moves at high speed

  1. These silly ideas will prove to be unworkable claptrap. Successive PMs and Home Secs have wanted to haul miscreants into court and get them in irons before sundown, ignoring the inconvenient fact that some will plead not guilty, most will apply for legal aid, serious cases will need pre-sentence reports, and so on.

    Night courts were a fiasco, as widely predicted by practitioners.

    All parties are terrified of being outflanked on Laura Norder issues.

  2. I had a suspicion that these plans would be difficult to put into practice. It is very useful to have a view from someone at the sharp end. Thanks for the contribution

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