Stuck for birthday gift ideas?

horseheadHorsehead pillow suit you?

It is Saturday afternoon and it is time to search the net for weird stuff.  It didn’t take me long – here is a gift which may not improve your credibility with partners, common law or legal, or even lawful, but it will certainly surprise your current partner if you are discreet about placing it. Before the last Mrs C gave herself to a life in the law she may have approved – but now, aware of the hindrances placed on our lives as human beings by law, the law and the new wave of anti-libertarian law makers led by the Lord Protector and Dr John Witchfinder of the Home Office, I suspect she would have to advise me that I owe a duty of care under Donoghue et al not to cause nervous shock to visitors who happen to enter my bedroom – including burglars. That I reserve the right to have a Samurai sword, a Victorian Police truncheon ( a bizarre Christmas gift from my former Mother in Law – 2nd marriage))  and handcuffs ( for those arresting moments) under my futon is a civil right, I suspect, that I may already have lost.

Anyway..there we are.  If you want to buy a Godfather style horse’s head pillow – you may do so here.  

One thought on “Stuck for birthday gift ideas?

  1. Occasions are meant for happiness. And in pursuit of happiness there obviously comes gifts too. A good gift can make someone live forever in others’ memories through the memento. So its better to choose one carefully.
    A personalized bullet having a name of gift taker on it, is a nice gift idea.

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