Noah’s Ark story is a ‘fact’ that disproves climate change says Irish MP

“An Irish MP has claimed the Biblical story about Noah’s Ark supports his view that climate change is not being caused by humans because “God above is in charge of the weather”.

Danny Healy-Rae, an independent, told music-and-politics magazine Hot Press said he was basing his views on “facts” and “history”.

Climate scientists were getting “more vehement” about the issue, he claimed, because they were “getting a lot of finance”.


No idea what this Irish MP is drinking…but it may be an idea for him to ease off on the hooligan juice?


Corbyn’s Labour Party Leadership – A shambles – Dystopian

I have voted Labour for 40 years.  I can’t vote for Mr Corbyn or Labour.  We need a new Party Leader and quickly if Labour is to have even a remote chance of being taken seriously in British Politics – let alone Scottish politics.  The Scottish Labour Party is almost extinct.  Nicola Sturgeon, much as I like her, presides over a One Party State.  Scotland is not a ‘Banana Republic’ or some Dystopian Mugabian Construct.

The Bloody Assizes


Jeffreys’ historical notoriety comes from his actions in 1685, after Monmouth’s Rebellion. Jeffreys was sent to theWest Country in the autumn of 1685 to conduct the trials of captured rebels. The Centre of the trials was based at Taunton. Estimates of the numbers executed for treason have been given as high as 700, however, a more likely figure is between 160 and 170 of 1381 defendants found guilty of treason. Although Jeffreys has been traditionally accused of vindictiveness and harsh sentencing, none of the convictions have been considered improper, except for that of Alice Lisle. Furthermore, as the law of the time required a sentence of death for treason, Jeffreys was required to impose it, leaving the king the option of commuting sentence under the prerogative of mercy. Arguably, it was James II‘s refusal to use the prerogative as much as was customary for the time, rather than Jeffreys’ actions that made the government’s reprisals so savage.[10]

Alice Lisle was accused of sheltering some members of the defeated rebel army who had not yet been found guilty of treason. There was no evidence that she had taken an active part in the rebellion itself, and she was not accused of this. When the jury asked whether her actions could in law be considered treasonable, Jeffreys replied affirmatively. The jury then returned a guilty verdict.[11] The King’s refusal to reprieve her gave rise to a belief that he was taking belated revenge on her husband.

James considered making Jeffreys Viscount Wrexham and Earl of Flint. James refrained only because Jeffreys remained a Protestant.[12] Despite his loyalty to the King, Jeffreys never hid his contempt for Roman Catholicism: in the last months of James’ reign, as the Government drifted without leadership, Jeffreys remarked cynically that “the Virgin Mary is to do all”.


stressedWell…there we are.  This is what happens on my blog when I can’t find any Law in Perth….and now for some afternoon tea.  It is a bit early for Rioja…so black coffee and remember…stressed is just desserts spelled backwards.

Adios for now…. photos to edit.

A rather good gravestone when I go to the great Bar in the sky


I rather like this grave headstone.  I am, of course, in no hurry for it to be used.  I shall write into my will that funds are apportioned to provide for this headstone to be carved and put above my grave.  It appeals to my dark humour.

Did my best to try and find some Law in Perth to write about on my blog.  Fortunately, there wasn’t any about – not even in the bargain bin near the till.

3 Scots -The Black Watch

3 Scots – The Black Watch

I took this photograph when I nipped into Perth for supplies.  The soldiers were more than happy to be photographed – I asked.  They even gave me a rubber wrist band with the inscription 3 Scots – The Black Watch.

My father, now long dead, was in The Black Watch and fought at The Battle of Alamein in World War II.  I still have his Black Watch kilt somewhere to this day – may be with my brother in London.  A Black Green tartan with a yellow stripe. The 5th Battalion landed in North Africa as part of the 153rd Brigade in the 51st (Highland) Division and fought at the Second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942. This was one of the battles that my father fought in in North Africa.

The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) is an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Prior to 28 March 2006, the Black Watch was an infantry regiment – The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) from 1881 to 1931 and The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) from 1931 to 2006. Part of the Scottish Division, it was the senior regiment of Highlanders.


Word Du Jour: Ineluctably

Ineluctably:  Many years ago, while out drinking with my friend Nick Nosh of The Nosh Brothers Cheffery Nonsense restaurant (I was a shareholder in the restaurant) and TV programmes – we popped into The Groucho Club in London for a late night drink and ended up playing snooker badly with Stephen Fry -who plays a good came.  I explained our inability to play snooker by pleading mild drunkenness.  Fry replied, laconically “Ineluctably my dear fellow…ineluctably.  Stephen Fry – a nice man – happy to talk to anyone!  No airs and graces at all. 
  1. unable to be resisted or avoided; inescapable.
    “the ineluctable facts of history”

Law Society Lion Lamp for Sale £100 + Postage


The same design as the Lions on the railings outside the Law Society in Chancery Lane, London.  I have had the lamp for 20 years.  I am told that it is older than that.  Fully refurbished to modern electricity standards and works perfectly.

A solicitor may well find it a rather fine addition to the working desk at work or, indeed, at home.

It is heavy – so the postage will be fairly high.  You are unlikely to find another lamp quite like it.


A Scots Guard, Scone Palace and some local castles.

It was a fine sunny day and warm.  So I did some walking and travel by bus using my Old Gits Free Bus Pass and took some photographs. A most enjoyable trip out.


Scots Guard, Salutation Hotel front, Perth


Atop the monument to Edward VII towards South St, Perth


Scone Palace, Scone, Perthshire

Blair Castle – The ancient seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl and home to Europe’s only private army, The Atholl Highlanders


I have yet to visit the Castle above.