Rive Gauche: Chris Grayling MP – a comic opera Lord Chancellor Impersonator ?

I could offer to flog the Lord Chancellor Impersonator my Panama hat and fine comic opera mask (Below).  And talking of comic opera….I am certain that Mr Grayling LC would make a fine character in a comic opera…perhaps one with burglars in it – for a bit of dramatic ‘kill a burglar’ action?

Remember this..?

A question for Chris Grayling. As a 5ft4in woman, what legal …


“ 9 Oct 2012 - Chris “Mad Dog” Grayling’s plans for law change with regard to self-defence against burglars do sound jolly exciting. Confusing and … City Centre nativity scene every year. All quite brilliant thieves, seems a bit harsh to kill them.”
As good as my word…here is the said hat and comic opera mask….modelled by a Charon QC impersonator… me.
I had a flu jab.  Now got a wonderful cold.  ’Normal’ service resumed soon….quite possibly.

Tweet du Jour…

I really must get back to some ‘sensible’ blogging.  I shall find my Panama Hat which aids thinking while writing and do so…

I note that a future prime minister and the present ‘incumbent’ are in this photograph.

  1. 1.
    the holder of an office or post.
    “the present incumbent will soon be retiring”
    synonyms: holderbeareroccupant; More

    One can only hope so…re the above definition. 

Rive Gauche: A bit of “Shagger”

Came across this Lord Shagger nonsense while ‘perusing’ my Charon files.  I think I may have to do a few more Lord Shagger posts now that the legal year is under way.  I may even be able to do/shoehorn in some vaguely sensible posts and podcasts.

Have a good weekend

P.S.   Is it only lawyers who ‘peruse’? I may have to do some perusing later.


Rive Gauche: My desk…

As I did not happen to have a photograph of my desk, I thought I would use some of the time that is left to me to take one.

Yes, those are empty Lucozade Mango bottles flying up the wall.  They are empty.   My old Samurai sword doesn’t see much action these days. (I used to do Kendo and Karate stuff in my youth.)  I cut a pineapple in half years ago at a party.  I asked a friend to throw it up in the air. I may have been mildly ‘over refreshed’ at the time. My then wife was not amused.  It was a bit messy! Not a lot of call for me to use it now.   I have quite a few plants which I take outside occasionally to give them a different outlook.  I have had the large wooden Toucan for many years – and the chair, I am advised, was at The Battle of Trafalgar. (I have a habit of believing the cobblers of antique dealers – but, independent advice says that the dealer was probably right.  I do like the word ‘probably’ ! )

Well…there we are. A pic of where I spend much of my day writing, fitting in a ‘spot’ of work, blogging, podcasting and watching t’telly on iPlayer.)


The Naked Lawyer

There are many ways to practise law and here is a lady who not only knows her law but knows how to enjoy her work.  I will be doing a podcast soon with Chrissie and I am looking forward to it.

And this will give you an idea of the style…and there is style!

The Naked Lawyer eBook

RIP to XXX: How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU !
It’s a life manual, sales blueprint & workshop all wrapped up
into a fun, informative, inspiring, motivational & sexy little package.
Simply NOT for the laggard, faint hearted, slacker or prudish!


Do go and have a look at her website.  You will enjoy the visit.


Rive Gauche: A little bit of Lord Chancellor Grayling…and why not, indeed?

The Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, continues to amaze, but not amuse, the legal profession and others…

Justice Secretary Grayling tells Scots MPs: Get off my lawn

Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, warns of a “travesty of democracy” if Scottish MPs are allowed to have a say over English laws

A senior Cabinet minister tells Scottish Labour MPs to get off his territory, in a dramatic escalation of the battle for the future of British democracy.

Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, accuses Labour of seeking to erase England from the map of the United Kingdom as he declares that Scottish MPs should be banned from voting on his legal reforms.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Grayling says the constitutional shake-up after the Scottish independence referendum must deliver a new deal for England. English MPs alone must have the final say over English laws, he says.

Saturday 27 September 2014

So much for a United Kingdom? Perhaps Grayling LC believes that England would be better off as a ‘One Party’ state. I can’t imagine that Grayling has been reading  over the collective words and wisdom (sic) of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or, indeed, any books on Law and history generally which may assist him in his endeavours to be a credible Lord Chancellor.  One can only assume that it is inconvenient to Tory High Command to have Scottish Labour MPs daring to cast a critical eye over what he is/they are up to.  So much for democracy?  So much for one nation? Perhaps Mr Grayling finds it inconvenient or ‘distasteful’ to have Labour politicians disagreeing with him?

There is, thankfully, a General Election coming soon and we will, hopefully, find Mr Grayling more usefully employed on the Opposition benches…or, indeed, elsewhere?  I suspect he would be quite good at running a dystopian call centre somewhere? India?

Anyway…must move on to more serious blog posts and sing “Keep The Red Flag Flying High” for a while.


Back to blogging and podcasting

Just a quick note to say…back to blogging and podcasting this weekend.

In the meantime…apropos of nothing in particular, I feel that I need yellow frames for my reading glasses to add more colour. I shall go and startle some local opticians to see what they can find for me.

A più tardi as we used to say down at the “Old Dog & Duck”..

Rive Gauche: Talk like a Pirate day…

Some may take the view that the gentlemen pictured below are pirates.  In the famous words of another ‘politico’ from fiction:  ”You may think that.  I couldn’t possibly comment”


And… if you haven’t already seen this – worth looking at…

Buckingham Palace dancing Guardsman may face prison

Pirouetting Guardsman could be imprisoned after footage of the unnamed soldier dancing is viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube

Watch the clip

Chris Grayling Lord Chancellor impersonator – At it again? I marvel…

Mr Chris Grayling MP is a remarkable politician. He has done some unusual things while in office. I am probably not alone in wondering how Mr Grayling managed to become a Lord Chancellor impersonator.

Do, please, read the Twitter timeline from David Allen Green.  You deserve a laugh.

And I do like this tweet from Jon Whitfield QC : “Cut the crap – what about this bit?? “so unfair as to result in illegality.” All familiar to CG – unlawful, unjust, unfair.”


And also this tweet from  ‏@CatarinaSjolin  : @MoJPress Perhaps try reading paragraph 50 of the judgment again (which finishes “The failure was so unfair as to result in illegality”).


I posted about Mr Grayling fairly recently. I never tire of posting about Mr Grayling  - who, it has to be said, clearly enjoys hitting the dressing up box from time to time to be a Lord Chancellor.  Who said that comic opera is dead?  Alive and kicking at The Ministry of Justice…clearly.

Mr Grayling MP, aka Lord Chancellor Grayling, is probably not one of the great Lord Chancellors.  As he is not burdened by any significant knowledge of law this may explain it.  Still… let us look on the bright side. An election is coming soon.  His skills could well be put to better use elsewhere.  Italy perhaps?  China?

And here is Mr Grayling again…making off with the robes of a Lord Chancellor…

Paintings by my brother – my real brother!


46 x 35 cm, oil on canvas

My brother, Stewart, is a polymath and interested in many things. He has taken up oil painting and unintentionally has inspired me to do some sane and sensible painting rather my usual F*ckArt ‘stuff’

2. Incarnation (Nayi Mudra)

76 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

This painting took me back a few years and reminded me that Stewart was partial to requisitioning MY jeep car and using it!  Stewart may well take a different view of whose car it was – but it has been many years since we were that small.

1. Trembling Trees – portrait of the writer Nicole Carrel

152 x 122 cm, oil on canvas 

3. Dawn

50 x 40 cm, oil on canvas

A quick word from my brother:

My preference is for painting portraits with a context, but without obvious ‘props’.  Sometimes, the subject may suggest a fantasy element.  I also work with synthesized memories, using old photographs and descriptions gleaned from a sitting.

Commissions undertaken.

Contact Stewart – stavp@btinternet.com


My own F*ckArt series of paintings – which continue with more nonsense – are not quite in the same class, to say the least – but mine do have the advantage of taking only 15-20 minutes to do.  A friend at school called me ‘Risotto’ – because my paintings were ready in 20 minutes. Plus ça change?

Here are some older ‘paintings wot I did’.  I have some new nonsense on my wall – paintings of spiderman wearing a barrister’s wig holding a lucozade bottle.  Rather than paint the Lucozade bottle,  I came up with a plan: buy a bottle of Lucozade, drink it and stick the empty bottle on the canvas.  WIN!!