Rive Gauche: Can never have enough UKippery….

One can only marvel…and one does marvel…in fact, I do a lot of marvelling when it comes to the Kippers…

And – from the BBC… Election 2015: UKIP would have welcomed St George

“A third Century UKIP would have welcomed St George into the country because of his dragon-slaying skills, the party’s Patrick O’Flynn has joked.

He rejected the argument that St George’s Day was irrelevant because the saint was from what is now Turkey….”

It is my duty – and a pleasure – to keep an eye on the ‘activities’ of the UKippers… there will be more nonsense…ineluctably 

Back later….or, perhaps, on the morrow.

Rive Gauche…. a bit of this and that potpurri stuff…Royals in sun glasses…

And other things kept me busy in those days…

And then this…. I’ll be back later….inevitably…

I am still of this earth…but this grave stone seems appropriate.  I shall discuss the matter with one of those will drafting solicitors…

A fine headstone... back later if I can find some law to write about… this being a law blog et al…

Did not manage to find any law while I was ite and abite smoking...but I have had time to make a smoking banana with a beret in modelling clay… the pleasures of having a bit of time on my hands as I wait for BBC Question time et al.

Back on the morrow.  I feel confident that there will be some law to report on…




RollonFriday reports: Exclusive: Fieldfisher partner accused of threatening to destroy trainees’ careers after witnessing fight

RollonFriday Exclusive:  Fieldfisher partner accused of threatening to destroy trainees’ careers after witnessing fight

“A Fieldfisher partner has been accused of telling two trainees that they would be fired and their careers ruined unless they gave testimony in favour of the firm after saying that they had witnessed an altercation between a secretary and the office’s managing partner.

The explosive allegation is made in a claim for unfair dismissal being brought against the firm by a secretary in Fieldfisher’s Paris office. She has also accused Bruno Paccioni, the Paris office’s managing partner, of assaulting her.
RollOnFriday can reveal that the secretary alleges the contretemps took place when she bumped into Paccioni on his way to the toilet. She accuses Paccioni of repeatedly pushing the door to the mens’ loos against her when she asked him to pay her for overtime, hitting her with it in the process. She also claims that when Paccioni couldn’t shut the door because she was in the way, he asked her whether she wanted to come in with him and if she wanted to “hold it” for him.”

Full story from RoF…

Ah well…these things happen…but they should not happen…

Rive Gauche: Grant Shapps-Greenery MP daily nonsense….

It would be remiss of me not to alert you to the latest Grant Shappery nonsense…

Daily Mail story

The Guardian reports: Grant Shapps accused of editing Wikipedia pages of Tory rivals

“Online encyclopedia administrators block user account believed to be run by Tory party co-chairman or ‘someone else … under his clear direction’..”

And here is Mr Shapps-Greenery…waving goodbye?

Rive Gauche: Having come dangerously close to doing some work…here are a few lawyer pics..

A painting I did some years ago…unfortunately…not in ‘lights’ as pictured above!

And finally….a collection of barristers…quite a few of them…the client must have been rather busy?

And now for a  a Marlboro fag outside to take in the late afternoon sun…and plan another painting…or even a blog post about some law…




A woman who overcame huge adversity to gain a first-class law degree has won a national competition which will help her achieve her dream of becoming a solicitor.

Ezi Urieto – whose middle name is Destiny – hailed her prize from online legal training provider Datalaw as a life-changing opportunity.

The 28-year-old, who lives in Oxford, was chosen from 1,600 entrants to receive the inaugural Datalaw Scholarship, which will see the firm pay her Legal Practice Course tuition fees.

At the age of nine, Ezi was separated from her family in her native Nigeria and brought up by a carer in the London Borough of Hackney following her father’s death in a car accident.

In her teens, she was homeless for a while, and she then faced a deportation battle with the Home Office while studying for her A-levels.

Inspired by the solicitor and barrister who represented her during her five-year fight, which ended with a successful appeal against deportation, Ezi became determined to pursue a legal career and enrolled on a law degree course at Birmingham City University.

She graduated in 2012 with first-class honours, then landed a job with Oxford City Council’s legal team as an assistant.

Earlier this year, she joined the real estate department at Abingdon practice Brook Street des Roches as a legal secretary.

She said: “I’m overwhelmed and very grateful to win this scholarship. It will change my life. I have dreamed of becoming a solicitor, but have realised how hard it would be to achieve my goal.

“Now that Datalaw has shown such faith in my ability, the LPC will hopefully bring me opportunities to obtain a training contract.

“It just shows that, if you put in the effort, you will get something out of it.”

The Datalaw Scholarship is worth up to £12,000 and was launched last August. From the 1,600 applicants, 10 finalists were selected for interview.

Charles Peter, managing director of Liverpool-based Datalaw, said: “Ezi is a deserving winner who has overcome extreme personal adversity to achieve a first-class degree and employment in the legal world.

“We introduced the scholarship to show our support for the industry. After going to university and studying very hard, many graduates are unable to raise the money for their LPC fees. Some employers sponsor their staff, but this is rare.

“Ezi has not had access to any family assistance, and her endurance and perseverance to get to this stage in her career have been second-to-none. She has tremendous personal qualities and great potential.

“We have no doubt that, once qualified, she will make a fantastic contribution to the legal profession.”

Solicitor James Parry, a member of the judging panel and a Datalaw course provider, said: “Ezi is a very worthy winner from an extremely competitive field. She has all the attributes to build a successful legal career and we wish her all the very best.”


Information about Datalaw

Datalaw is an e-learning business which provides legal CPD training to thousands of solicitors nationwide.

It delivers more than 350 CPD courses via webinars and podcasts delivered by a network of vastly-experienced professionals. The courses cover more than a dozen areas of law, including employment, landlord and tenant, private client, conveyancing, family, personal injury, immigration, criminal and children. They are accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Datalaw is fully accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Visit www.datalawonline.co.uk for more information on the company.

How to make a claim if you’re in a car accident

How to make a claim if you’re in a car accident

Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience the trauma of a car accident. However, as a road user, there is always a risk that you’ll be involved in collisions. This is why it’s so important to make sure you know how to react in the aftermath of these events.

For example, you’ll need to follow the correct protocol if you’re to make a successful car insurance claim. Brokers such as www.chill.ie provide information and guidance on this process and it’s wise to make sure you’re in the know just in case you find yourself embroiled in an accident on the highways. To give you a head start, here is a brief guide to making a claim.    

At the scene

Firstly, you’ll need to exchange details with the other drivers involved. Make sure that you get their vehicle registrations, names, addresses, phone numbers and car insurance details. If someone refuses to give you their details, your insurer might be able to trace them through their vehicle registration.

If possible, take photographs of the scene too. This will help you to remember the events better later on when you’re relaying the information to your cover provider. It can also verify your statement and confirm your insurance claim details. In addition, it’s important to make a note of the location of the accident and you should record the weather conditions and the time of day as well.

Whatever you do, don’t admit liability at the scene or offer to pay compensation to the other parties. Accepting blame at this stage could affect any insurance payout you seek further down the line. Also, bear in mind that you might not be thinking clearly after a crash, and other factors that you’re not aware of may have contributed to the accident.

Making a claim

Contact your insurer to inform them of the accident as soon as possible. This should always be done within 48 hours. Once you’ve made your cover provider aware of the incident, the firm will send you the relevant claims forms and ask for all the details you recorded at the scene of the accident.

Unless it’s damaged beyond repair, you’ll no doubt want to get your vehicle back up and running as soon as possible. However, don’t make the mistake of taking it to a garage of your choosing to be fixed. It’s important that you use an approved repairer. Your insurer or broker will be able to provide details of suitable garages in your area. Your cover provider will also ask for an assessor to determine the extent of the damage and the expected cost of repairs.

Paying up

It’s important to be aware of the fact that when you make a claim, you’ll be expected to pay your insurance excess as specified in your policy. However, if your car was in an accident that was another driver’s fault and this is accepted by their insurer, you should be able to claim this money back.

Rive Gauche: UKipper tweet round up

I felt that I could not let today pass without rounding up a few UKipper tweets I have seen on my timeline recently….

I can well understand the sentiment expressed above.

One has to consider the possibility that US Republicans have little idea of what happens over in the UK…or they have been smoking the garden (where legal in the US) ?


And..last but not least…

Right…time to do another painting…a sensible one…unlike the one below which I am selling for £20 if you fancy it..

Email me (also on the blog)  or send me a DM on Twitter if you would like to buy the Pigbanker painting above.

Bar Council report slams BPTC providers

Bar Council report slams BPTC providers

Lawyer2B reports: “Commercial providers are using the system to make money from people with no realistic prospect of pupillage,” a report into the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) says.

The report ‘Criminal Justice, Advocacy and the Bar’ was commissioned by the Bar Council, produced by the Criminal Justice Reform Group and led by Geoffrey Rivlin QC.

It describes the BPTC as expensive and ‘not highly regarded by practitioners”, citing that of the 1,700 students which pass the course annually only around 400-500 will secure pupillage.


I suspect that this statement will elicit a response from the Law Schools.  It will be most interesting to see how they do respond.