Rive Gauche: Corbyn in “The Thick Of It? drama…

The Labour party’s week descended even further into The Thick of It territory on Friday afternoon in an encounter between Jeremy Corbyn and a Sky News journalist.

Following the suspension of Ken Livingstone on Thursday, which at one point involved the veteran politician hiding in a disable loo while assorted British news media asked if he supported Hitler, the Labour leader – clearly wanting to avoid any further questions about antisemitism in his party – tried to dodge the reporter and make his way into the nearby building.

The only trouble was.. he couldn’t open the door.

Taxi for Mr Corbyn time?

It just gets more bizarre… wonderful nonsense from veteran old geezer politicos

And this…

Is Corbyn just taking the piss now with this unfortunate greeting?

And finally…

But…this is more like an old Morecambe & Wise show… but almost as amusing

Does Your Contract Need Wriggle Room?

Does Your Contract Need Wriggle Room?
Sarah Fox
Author of the 500-Word ContractTM

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The saga of 123-reg has highlighted the role of ‘wriggle room’ in contracts.

Wriggling in Court

Before specialising in advising on contract strategy and writing/negotiating contracts, I had the pleasure of winning a case in the Court of Appeal.  It involved what I call ‘advanced wriggling.’

My clients’ insurers were relying on wriggling out of their obligation to compensate my clients for their insured losses. The insurance company pointed to a term requiring its insured (my clients) to have a working burglar alarm at all times. Although the printing factory did have a burglar alarm, it had been disabled temporarily to allow renovation works to take place.

I vividly recall an Appeal Court judge asking the barrister (who was representing the insurance company) whether he was really suggesting that if the judge ‘popped out for a sandwich’ and failed to turn on his own burglar alarm, the insurance company would not compensate him for any insured risk that happened in the meantime?  The barrister ‘wriggled’, rather uncomfortably, when he confirmed that was precisely the insurer’s position. They were sticking to the terms of the insurance contract.

The Appeal Court judges showed their displeasure and their astonishment. They decided not to strictly enforce the terms of the small print in the insurance contract, and not to allow the insurance company to ‘wriggle’ out of its obligations.

Wriggling before Court

Back to 123-reg… Many disgruntled companies are now contemplating bringing court proceedings against 123-reg seeking compensation for breaching their website-hosting contract.

123-reg is acting in a classically defensive and adversarial manner. Rather than

  • creating trust with its clients (which it admits may have taken a knock)
  • being open about its failings from the start (it took several days to come clean)
  • being generous with its clients (six months free hosting anyone?)

it is relying on (and hiding behind) its terms and conditions. It is wriggling like a worm on a hook! This position may be within its contractual rights, but its response will irreversibly damage its reputation and its brand.

Would you rather work with a company who uses its contracts to wriggle out of its responsibilities to you, or who goes the extra mile?

My case: Printpak v AGF Insurance [1999] EWCA Civ 683

Rive Gauche: The Law Society is being sued for monopolising legal training.

The Law Society is being sued for monopolising legal training.

“An online training provider called Socrates Training has accused the Law Society of abusing its dominant position in the market and has filed a claim for undisclosed damages with the Competition Appeal Tribunal.
Both Socrates and the Law Society offer online training covering mortgage fraud, financial crime and money laundering, which conveyancing firms are under a statutory duty to provide to staff. However, in 2015 the Law Society ruled that as a condition of law firms maintaining accreditation with its Conveyancing Quality Scheme, they could only purchase their training from it.”

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